10-09 NYC 2004

by Eyewitness

On Saturday October 9th, Club Amazura in Queens, NYC hosted World Clash 2004. The event was split up into 2 different things this year. On Saturday there was the regular dubplate-clash, while on Sunday there was a 45- Shootout. Saturday's line-up seemed even weaker this year as quite a few champions seem to have withdrawn from the clash-arena (Bass Odyssey), while others have encountered problems (Killamanjaro's owner Harper just fired his main selector Freddy Krueger) that wouldn't let them be as competitive as they would need to be. Sunday's 45-Clash sported the bigger names this year, as Mighty Crown and Fire Links were involved in that one.


Younghawk kicked things off and came out surprisingly strong. They licked off a number of conscious-man tunes, including the hot I-Wayne. They got a nice forward for “Fire Bun A Weakheart” and other tunes on the HYPOCRITES riddim. Great beginning from someone I didn’t know what to expect from.

Italy’s One Love were next with their typical godfather theme as the intro. They played NUFF of what’s strong on the rootical front these days. A ton-of Richie Spice, plenty Chuck Fender, trailer-load-a-Sizzla. A Jah Cure got a good response as well. The Italians showed right off again that they meant business & started out well. Tuff round from One Love as well.

Supported by their huge fan-base outta Brooklyn, Lp International came in next and they went down the Biltmore lane with Luciano and artists as Pinchers & Pliers. They made a good speech about how NY people at WC were biased & that’s why no NY sound has ever won the clash. They had a custom-built Cocoa Tea/Bushman combo for World Clash but a number of Bounty dubs on the DUCK drew some of the biggest forwards for the night; esp.”Smoke The Herb”. They also played a Garnet Silk to show that they’ve been around from back in the day. Another good performance.

Sound Trooper was next but I really don’t know what is wrong with the man these days. Sure he’s a legend, yet he came out taking it so bloody easy, playing dubs 2-3 minutes. He seemed like he was hardly even trying again and with that attitude he will not get many big clash-bookings in the future. Total flop. Trooper done.

Klassique played a number of tunes on the STALAG , as well as a nice Mighty Diamonds, yet failed to get any forwards as well. Next flop and it seemed pretty evident that them & Trooper would be the first to go, if they kept this up.

Black Kat, the current world-champion came up next with selecta Panther. Biggest forwards for him were for a MAD Jah Mason dub I had never heard before. Ras Shiloh’s “Onto Zion” also did well. A solid round for Black Kat, yet not as good as the first 3 sounds.

After the usual scenario, the crowd gave round one to LP INTERNATIONAL.


ROUND 2 (10 minutes):

Younghawk came storming in again with a CNN-style interview of Jaro owner Harper, saying he had to get rid off Trooper and Freddy because they were battymen. This got a HUGE forward. Hawk played well again for a while until there were a few mix-ups between the MC & selecta, whereas the MC Jaimie kicked off the selecta, saying he would kill the pussies himself. After that though Younghawk’s round flopped as he was obviously unable to do both dj & mc.

 One Love continued where they had left off: new dubs from hot artists as Chuck Fender, I-Wayne & Bascom X (counteracting Younghawk). They also counteracted Black Kat’s Jah Mason tune with “Panther yuh trophy goooooooooone!” which got a nice response. More Anthony B’s and Sizzlas (of which the Italians seem to have ENDLESS amounts) plus some new JA artists to watch out for in the future (dunno who they were). Another good round for One Love.

 Lp International played plenty of their foundation dubs in this round, like their fat HEAVENLESS selection with artists as Sanchez, Buju, and Luciano. They tore up Amazura with nuff classic Bujus, of they have PLENTY, plus reaped quite a forward for “Jungle Man Rock”, which they had voiced as “New York City Rock”.  More Buju/Wayne Wonder combos on the PUNANNY plus a Tony Matterhorn dissing Black Kat. Wicked round. Best of the clash so far, as Lp took it to a higher level.

 Trooper had the people against him now, after the awful first round. He played some CUSS CUSS, some DANCEHALL ROCK but did it without even trying again and very little enthusiasm or confidence, as if he had given himself up completely all of a sudden. Trooper was DONE.

 Klassique came in and flopped worse than Ricky. If that’s even possible. Classique was out too.

 Black Kat returned waving the JA flag and declared that the trophy was going back to the Jamaican countryside. He started with Sanchez singing the Jamaican National Anthem, drawing a massive forward.  Kat rinsed tunes on TAXI and ANSWER riddims, wrecking up Amazura. Chuck Fender, Bounty and many more. Next up was SHOWTIME and some more foundation. A very tuff round from Black Kat, who showed why they are the current champions.

 At the end of the round, it was decided that Black Kat was the winner and Trooper and Klassique were eliminated. Personally I think that Lp should have won the round but so it go. 




ROUND 3 (10 minutes):

Younghawk made a speech about how boring & predictable Black Kat plays EVERY TIME and counteracted one of their Chronicle tunes, but it didn’t do much damage. They continued selecting very well with original tunes on original riddims: definitely not your run-of-the-mill kinda sound. I remember nuff crooners like Glen Washington, Freddy Mc Gregor & others.

 One Love now went down “big-tune lane” with Beres’ “Double Trouble” on the FAR EAST,  Shinehead’s  “Jamaican in NY” and Ini Kamoze’s “Hot Stepper”. A few more custom-built selections and some Shabba, which got a good forward. Another rock-solid round from the Italian champions.

 Lp International played what they called a “dedication round”, with tunes that would make most of todayssoundboys envious until their green in the face. Nuff D.Browns, some Garnet, and even some Early B. Yet amazingly enough, hardly any response for these late-great entertainers. Tough round for LP, although I liked it.

 Black Kat’s Panther did what he could to lighten the mood and draw people onto his side. He juggled his SHINE & CRISS selection, as well as SICK, yet got few forwards. He even played back a Yami Bolo, which got him some boos. Not such a great round from the veteran.

 At the conclusion Younghawk was eliminated and One Love declared the winner. Only one sound was eliminated, as Freddy Krueger did not make it to NY (visa problems or sth.). 

ROUND 4 (5 minutes)- 45 round:

The fourth round was a 45 round (no dubplates, just regular tunes) and One Love started. They WRECKED Club Amazura with Bob Marleys, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Buju and Supercat. Biggest forwards were for Tenor Saw’s “Ring The Alarm” and Marleys “Buffalo Soldier”. These boys sure know their reggae.

 Lp started out with “We Will Rock You” yet it totally flopped. They continued playing nuff US-fassy tunes (MC Hammer’s “Cant Touch This” and unfortunately I’m not kidding) before reality finally hit them. They played some vintage Courtney Melody & others but it was too late. Unless Panther really fucked up, Lp was gone.

 Black Kat played good though. Nuff Supercat and some D.Brown & J.Cliff did theirs to bury Lp. Big forward for Half Pint’s “Greetings”. Good performance from Panther & crew.

 Lp International was eliminated and Black Kat was given the victory of the round even though I thought the Italians DESTROYED them in this round, as it really was no contest. Nonetheless, it was declared that a 2-1 victory was not decisive enough and  One Love was now up against Black Kat in the final dub-fi-dub. This was not a 10 dub round but a seven dub one (???). So whoever won 4 dubs would be the new (or old) World Champ.


ROUND5 (dub-fi-dub):

One Love played Junior Murvin’s “Cool Out Son”. Black Kat played Garnet Silk’s “Kingly Character”. Black Kat went up 1-0.

One Love spun Third World’s “Reggae Ambassador”. Black Kat spun George Nooks’ “General”. One Love won: 1-1.

One Love then flung  down U-Roy’s “Sound Killer”. Black Kat flung Garnet Silk’s “No Sound Can Test Black Kat”. One love went up: 1-2.

One Love rotated Justin Hinds “Carry Go Bring Come”. Black Kat rotated John Holt’s “Stealing”. One Love extended their lead: 1-3

One Love selected Dawn Penn’s “No No No”. Black Kat selected Gregory Isaac’s “Night Nurse”. Black Kat on this one: 2-3.

One Love chose a Ziggy Marley. Black Kat chose Mr.Isaac’s “Number One”. Kat won: 3-3.

 So it now came down to the FINAL dubplate in the closest World-Clash NY has seen in quite few years. What drama! Who would do what now?

 One Love represented with Max Romeo’s “Iron Shirt”. Panther countered with Dennis Brown’s “Stop The Fussing & Fighting”. Black Kat got the point and narrowly defended its world-title by a 4-3 victory in the dub-fi-dub over Italy’s One Love.

 All in all the clash was one of the better ones in NY in past few years. Younghawk proved to be a positive surprise, playing WAY better than Poison Dart last year for example. Lp International were also excellent until the 45 round. One Love were awesome ! They have stepped it up in the clash-arena and should start winning some of the big contests soon. Black Kat-respect. To win so many trophies in a row is incredible.

Until next year:



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